Sunt recunoscatoare Domnului Isus pentru ca exist si am calatorit pana aici, si voi calatori si mai departe doar prin dragostea si harul Sau. Tot El m-a facut constienta ca talantul ce mi l-a dat trebuie sa-l pun in negot, ca lumina Lui trebuie s-o arat si altora, iar ca hrana sa fie buna trebuie sa pun si sare. Daca tot ceea ce am primit pana acum si voi primi si de acum inainte mi-a fost mie de folos si imi va fi de folos , cu siguranta le va fi si altora.

sâmbătă, 14 decembrie 2013


"si le-a zis: "Adevarat va spun ca, daca nu va veti intoarce la Dumnezeu si nu va veti face ca niste copilasi, cu niciun chip nu veti intra in Imparatia cerurilor." (Mat.18:3)

În timp ce cânta colinde alături de colegii ei de grădiniţă, micuţa Claire, în vârstă de 5 ani, nu a uitat de părinţii ei surzi, aşa că le-a tradus în propriul limbaj al semnelor versurile cântecelor.

Abigail Smith is a 23 year old young lady living in Duncan OK. After finding out about her tumor, decided to take Radiation treatment and discovered that God was caring for her every step of the way. After her treatments were done, she went back to the Dr and found out that the Cancer had spread to her lungs.

A few days after finding out, She wrote this on her Facebook:
"The storms of 2012-2013 have been unlike any I've experienced before and I couldn't have gotten through it without Jesus right by my side the entire journey. Honestly, I have come to know God's faithfulness in a deeper way than ever before. When life happens—financial struggles, health problems, tragedies, loss of a loved one, the list is limitless—just knowing that God is always there with love, peace, courage and grace to walk you through it is so encouraging!

There is no doubt in my mind that God gave me the grace and strength needed for every moment that I didn't think I could get through. He gave me favor and led me each step of the way from my first interactions with Doctors (never knew how much I appreciate them until now) and finding out I had Synovial Cell Sarcoma, to finding out my surgery would be done by one of the top Doctors in the U.S. who "just happened" to be in Oklahoma, and on through 37 radiation treatments, physical therapy, and diet changes. Despite not having medical insurance last year God has been faithful to provide.

When I finished my radiation treatments, my three brothers helped me to fulfill my dream of traveling to Ireland. Our goal was to celebrate LIFE and the fact that we are so blessed to have each other and to get to see more of the world. It was so inspiring to see such a beautiful country and meet some awesome people!

In the middle of December, 2012 we found that the cancer had spread to my lungs. Through much prayer, research, crying, thinking and more praying, I came to a decision that finally gave me a sense of hope. But before I come to that, here is what I was thinking about whenever I considered having chemotherapy (which is what the Doctor suggested). To say I have a horrible phobia of hospitals, needles and all things medical, would be an understatement. Just thinking about taking chemo would literally make me feel sick. Living in that environment would not be a healing place for me. In addition, the doctor said that chemotherapy would only have a 30-50% chance of slowing the cancer down, not curing it. These reasons helped me decide not to take chemo at this time.

More than anything, I wanted to make a decision that would be the best for building up my body and not tearing it down. My decision that has brought peace, is to keep as normal of a healthy lifestyle as possible for my sake and my family. The main thing I'm doing is cutting out all processed sugar, flours and processed foods along with doing some other natural things that build up my body's natural defenses. God is helping me to live in the present and not borrow worry from the future. To say it hasn't been hard would be a lie, emotions are extremely volatile. But Jesus Christ is my rock in the midst of this hurricane. If you've ever been through a tragedy or crisis, you know what I'm talking about.

Each day I am learning/deciding to put my complete trust and faith in Him for the final outcome. Sometimes deadlines are great reminders of how short our time here on earth is anyway. However, I firmly believe that God is all about postponing "deadlines" too. As long as He gives me breath, I want to be shining brightly for Him and helping those who are hurting to experience the love He has for them. Going through this has made me realize more about who I am. This is the one life I get to live. The only thing that matters more than anything else is how I live it to glorify my Creator, Savior and King, Jesus Christ."
Abigail Smith - Facebook Post December of 2012