Sunt recunoscatoare Domnului Isus pentru ca exist si am calatorit pana aici, si voi calatori si mai departe doar prin dragostea si harul Sau. Tot El m-a facut constienta ca talantul ce mi l-a dat trebuie sa-l pun in negot, ca lumina Lui trebuie s-o arat si altora, iar ca hrana sa fie buna trebuie sa pun si sare. Daca tot ceea ce am primit pana acum si voi primi si de acum inainte mi-a fost mie de folos si imi va fi de folos , cu siguranta le va fi si altora.

luni, 24 octombrie 2011


Eyes for Only You
written by JoAnn McFatter

Your steadfast love has captured my heart
Breaking through the years of my shame
You’ve quickly become the lover of my soul
And I tell You, it will always be the same

For I have set my heart toward You, O Lord
As I dwell in Your courts forevermore
Others call my name and beckon me to come
Oh, but I, I have eyes for only You
I will always have eyes for only You

Verse 2:
I sing the song that all others may know
My heart is steadfast, never to be moved
Distractions worthy fight for my desire
But my devotion will only be proved

Verse 3:
“I am my Beloved’s and He is Mine”
These are the words that echo through my soul
“O how she loves Him,” the angels do say
Through the ages this story will be told

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